Digital Marketing Training Curriculum


Digital Marketing Training Curriculum


Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

-Overview of Digital Marketing

-Different online marketing channels

-How is it different from Traditional Marketing?

-Understand the journey of online customer

-Key Terminologies in Online Marketing

-Overview to Content Management System

-Overview of case studies and business model

-Introduction to SEO, How Do Search engines work?

-Search Engine Algorithms & google algorithm Updates

-Google Search Console

-Competition Analysis

-On-page, and Off-Page Optimization strategies

-Content development strategy

Module 2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC/Google AdWords)

-What is SEM? Why SEM?

-What is Google AdWords? Why Google

-AdWords? Google Network

-AdWords Terminologies

-How Does the SEM Auction Work?

-Structure of an AdWords Account

-Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos),

-Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them.

Creation of Google Display Network

-GDN Targeting Options

-Display Ad Formats

-Ad Gallery Tool

-Conversion Tracking

-GDN Campaign Creation – Demo


-Advanced Display: RLSA, Dynamic Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing

-Advanced Display: Smart Display Campaigns

Mobile Ad Campaigns

-Universal App Campaigns

-Mobile-Specific Bidding and Targeting Strategies

-Measuring Mobile Ad Performance and Conversions Report Editor

-Optimization Strategies

-Account Audit Demo

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